That Day Essay

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I woke abruptly. Fear started to seep into my heart as my pulse started to quicken its pace. I could feel the sweat budding on my skin. Something is not right. Within a few seconds, I was sitting up in bed, listening. All I could hear was the melodious chirp of a warm summer night. My window was open, and a light breeze playfully ruffled the thrown bed sheets. Why should I be fearful? Not a single soul was awake in the house. There were only two of us; yet I felt a sense that there was another, more masculine figure in the home… Before I could think anything more, a blood-curdling shriek echoed down the hallway. My heart skipped a beat. Hannah! My body froze with fear. Please be a dream... my feet were drumming against the wood floor as I approached my destination, fear glowing in my eyes. I practically yanked my daughter’s door off of its hinges as I skidded into her bedroom. Gulping, I could feel myself slowly starting to faint with horror. The pink bedroom was littered with clothes and torn drawings of cute little ponies and houses Hannah had drawn that following morning. Finally, I forced my eyes to gaze upon the same bed where my little girl should have been sleeping peacefully. The sheets were thrown back with haste, drooping off of the bed like a bunch of rags. Before my mind absorbed what had truly happened, I caught movement out of the corner of my eye. My knees buckled. One dark figure slipped silently out of the shattered window. I rushed forward, frantically looking for a sign of the mysterious robber. However, there was not a single soul in sight. Then, as I thudded around Hannah’s room, I spotted a pair of icy blue eyes staring me down like a hawk from under the bed. My heart immediately lifted as a familiar shape leaped into my arms. “Hannah! Honey, are you all right?” I asked my daughter. Hannah only nodded; she looked too scared to utter a

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