Thank You for Smoking Critique

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Sabina Sorondo Period 8, Post, AP LANG “Thank You For Smoking” is a movie fitting for an educational purpose. Its plot, consisting of great amounts of both satire and criticism towards our government has both strengths and weaknesses. As a critic, I find that over all the movie supported its arguments well with an underlying tone of humor. “Thank You For Smoking” was a very enjoyable movie to watch. Having a good plot and over-all message gave it many strengths, yet there were small flaws that also gave it weaknesses. The movie “Thank You For Smoking” was essentially about a man named Nick Naylor who had the job of chief spokesman for tobacco. Although popular, he was most well-known for the mutual hatred against him by all Americans except for the ones that smoked. Throughout the film, he is often asked the question of why he promotes something so deadly to humans. The central plot consists of him proving to people why he does what he does and his reasons for believing that he is not doing any harm. “Thank You For Smoking” has many second-hand plots as well. As a divorced man, Naylor must find the time to put forth the effort to get to know his own son. Being very smart and clever, Naylor teaches his son about the principles of “negotiation” and “argument.” In the end, Nick Naylor resides from the tobacco industry and devotes his time to being a loving father figure in his son’s life. “Thank You For Smoking” had key elements within its plot to make its viewer think about the argument presented. Using its strengths, the creators of the movie used great amounts of satire to show the disruptions within our government. By using this satire, the movie presents good arguments about the ridiculous things that large multicorporations use against each other for reasons (such as their salary) other than what they advertise them to be. By using satire, “Thank You For Smoking”

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