Tgfu Essay

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Compare the Teaching Games for Understanding model to a skill based approach to coaching or teaching games. Describe how each approach affects pupil’s development of knowledge, skills and understanding using appropriate practical examples from a game(s). In this essay I am going to explore the key ideas behind the Teaching Games for Understanding model and a skill based approach to coaching games and compare and contrast the two concepts in the area of how they help student’s development of knowledge, skills and understanding. The Teaching Games for Understanding (TGFU) model is methodology that encourages physical activity, engagement and enjoyment while promoting a greater understanding of the aspects found in structured games (Forrest et. al., n.d). Teaching Games for Understanding puts an emphasis on play whereby tactical and strategic problems are posed in a modified game environment (Webb & Thompson, 1998). This model teaches the desired outcome of an activity before the specific skill required is taught. By doing this it is allowing students understand why they are learning the skills. Hence playing a modified version of the game can give the students the knowledge of the tactical and strategic problems that may be linked to the activity. Teaching Games for Understanding can also benefit those students who may have some difficulty in acquiring a skill on more level ground than those students that may pick up the skill with ease. Therefore TGfU can create a more even playing field between the more able students and the less able students in the class, by doing this it can help motivate all the students to learn the skills as they are seeing the positive effect it may have overall in the activity. The TGfU model is student-centred, adapting to the needs of the student; in keeping with the "every child principle". Since being hypotheses several variations
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