Tezcatlipocas: The Main God

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The Tezcatlipocas were the 4 children of the main god, Ometeotl. Quetzalcoátl was a feathered serpent and was the White Tezcatlipoca of the West. He was the embodiment of all goodness, all beauty, all perfection. He was both human and divine. He gave life to the world and rose again. He was believed to be the one who brought life to the Aztecs and taught then how to live well. He was the god of the calmecac and taught them all the knowledge he possessed. He gave them maíz to sustain them and fed their spirits. He hated human sacrifice in most versions. However when Mexica continued to practice sacrifice he was said to have become sad and left in a cloud over the sea but promised to one day return for his people. He was at time described
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