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Jeepers Creepers + Psycho essay Alfred Hitchcock produced the film ‘Psycho’ in 1960; the certificate is a 15 due to the graphic murders. The genre is horror, but also there is a sub genre, which is drama because there is a vast amount of romance in the film. Many films have been influenced by Hitchcock and his director techniques and his most successful film ‘Psycho’. Mostly because of the shower scene and the way intensity is built. The film was originally going to be filmed in colour, but because of the excessive violence and graphic nature, mainly the shower scene, it would not be allowed, so they filmed it in black and white. The film was so frightening that they also had to lock the doors and the cinema to prevent people from escaping in terror. Jeepers Creepers is a film directed in 2001 by Victor Salva the genre is a Teen-Slasher/Horror, it is also produced by Francis Floyd. In this essay the areas I will be analysing are, Use of Lighting and colour and the use of camera angles and pace of shots. Because I feel that these will be the most interesting to write about. In the Film extract of ‘Psycho’ that we watched, it is about the life of Marion, she works as an estate agent, and living with her sister in a flat, she is also having an affair with a young man (Sam). All things are going fine, until a texas man comes in the estate agents, and buys a house, Marion gets put in charge of the money, and she is supposed to take it to the bank, but she steals it, and goes home to pack her things, before she leaves. In the Film ‘Jeepers Creepers’, it starts with Brother and sister (Trish and Dary) Driving home for ‘Spring Break’, they are playing a License plate game, and bickering like normal brother and sister, until big, old scary truck comes along, and tries to overtake them, the driver of the truck is driving extremely aggressively. Dary and Trish are

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