“Texts Reflect Their Context”.

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“Texts reflect their context”. Discuss referring to the excerpt the film text as a whole and Taming of the Shrew. (Boat/Paintball scene) To create a modern version of an Elizabethan play write, the director must incorporate the faultless mix of differences and similarities between the two texts, including the context of the era. Gil Gunger the director of ten things I hate about you approached these factors creating a film text that contained much of the Taming of the shrew characters and plot showing aspects of teen society that many individuals can relate to in today’s world. The revolution between the renaissance and 20th century USA has impacted the society of the teenagers through language, gender roles, relationships and education. Ten things I hate about you retain the basic plot of Williams Shakespeare Taming of the Shrew. Both create a storyline of a father with two daughters manufacturing a rule of the younger sister not interacting with male counterparts until the older sister does. In taming of the shrew Bianca is unable to marry her suitors until Katherina the “shrew” becomes wedded. In ten things being a film about teenagers in society marriage is not socially acceptable at that age unlike the 16th century. Gil Junger exchanges the marriage to dating to fit in with the context of that era. The rule of dating is still used throughout the film between Kate and Bianca. The relationship between the characters in taming of the shrew is set on the dowry they will receive from the father Baptista showing more attention than the girl’s personalities. Ten things shows the power of the relationship being held by the woman where the men must work in wooing them to become their girlfriend in an equal relationship rather than the wife being a slave. The relationship between the two protagonist as depicted in the viewed exert is a relationship of romance
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