Texting While Driving Essay

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Is Texting While Driving Worth dying for? “Where r u?”. “I'm on my way”. “Yeah”. These are the most common messages sent before someone gets into a fatal car accidents.What if this was the text message you or a family had gotten before you or they died? What if you sent that last text message that killed a innocent life? It only takes 3 seconds to kill and Drivers can prevent that by not texting.Texting while driving is a serious problem in the United States, and so many lives have been taking because of texting behind the wheel of a car. Texting while driving should be made illegal because “it raises insurance rates” (Cavallo) , cause fatal car accidents, “it is as dangerous as drunk driving”(Cavallo), causes speeding tickets, and causes deaths. To begin with, texting while driving cause insurance rate to go up.When you text and drive do you think of the consequences of what would happen if you get into a car accident because of texting while driving. I conducted an interview with a mid 30s woman she stated that,“Texting while driving is a violation and counts the same as a speeding ticket.When you text and drive and get into an accidents your insurance company will be forced to pay at least the amount of your liability”. Continuing with the interview, “ If a driver get into too many car accidents, The insurance company can take away the drivers, drivers license for a certain time period”. Texting is not worth getting hurt over or raising car insurance on a drivers license. Lastly, Texting while driving brings up car insurance on license and causes you to get a drivers drivers license suspended for a while; However in some states you can get your license taken for good and maybe even arrested , because in some states texting while driving is illegal or it is banned from young novice drivers up to adults. Texting while driving is not worth it. In

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