Texting Vs. Calling Essay

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Texting vs. Calling The use of cellular phones has grown in the past few years. About 10 years ago you would see only a handful of people using cellular phones. But now, most of us have our own cellular phone and some even have more than one. And since technology has improved a lot, there are more ways to communicate using cellular phones. Two of the most common ways of communicating are text messaging, and the regular phone call. But which is better between the two? Let me share my views on the differences between the two. Text messaging has been a hit and there are lots of people who use it as their main mode of communication. When it comes to cost, it is very cheap compared to the cost of a regular call. You can now send a lengthy message to someone else, since before it was limited to just a few characters per send. You can also save text messages as a reference or if they are important or from someone who is important or special. You can also use them as proof that you really sent it or someone really sent it to you. You can also transfer them to your computer, not all cellular phones have this capability, so you could keep it. Also, you have the chance to review what you want to say before sending it. You may even change the way you want to say it especially if it is a special message. You can also send a text message more discreetly compared to calling. But consider when you will do it and respect other people especially if you are in a meeting or something. Now for the drawbacks of text messaging, first is that if you make a mistake, you cannot take it back and you would need to send another message correcting your first message. You are also at risk of sending the message to the wrong person and unfortunately, sometimes, you may even send it accidentally to someone who is not supposed to see the message. Many people who expert at texting shorten the

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