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Thomas Shanks Mrs. Rinker English 111 Example paper 2/8/11 Texting and Talking Texting and talking has made life easier for many people; maybe. Texting has some advantages, yet talking can have just as many. Both of them each have an equal amount of disadvantages as well and can be a major distraction, and possibly make lives harder. Many people enjoy texting because it’s straight to the point and there are no run on conversations. Texting can be very fast, easy, quiet, and efficient. For example; let’s say you don’t feel like talking on the phone to one of your friends because half the time you can’t understand what they are saying because of bad cell phone reception. Well texting solves that problem. Just type in your message, send it, and leave it at that. No more having to explain yourself over and over or having to drop the call, it’s quick, simple, and straight to the point. There’s the upside to texting over talking. When it comes to talking on the phone, there are plenty of advantages over texting on the phone. No, you cannot text a landline phone. What you can do is call any landline phone, at anytime, by your own expense. For example; when setting up a doctors’ appointment for yourself or a friend, you can’t exactly text to set it up, unless you’re on a texting basis with your doctor. So what do you do? You call it in and set it up over the phone. What’s the downside to texting? Well texting is completely distracting for one. Texting can cause car wrecks, can prevent someone from doing their work, can be a complete interruption, or can be an exceptionally rude way to interrupt somebody. Ever get interrupted by a “texter,” or read about a car accident caused by distractions from texting? These kinds of things happen every day, everywhere. Texting can also malfunction every once in a while. For example; ever sent a text that never went

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