Texting and Driving Essay

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Do you text and drive? U.S. teens today don’t realize how much cell phones have become a big distraction. They take your attention away from the things you so desperately need to pay attention to, like the road. While you are driving down the road, you can text, pick up the phone and make a quick call or receive a call, and you could also play a game or two. Texting and driving has become more of a problem for teens because they are easily distracted and are more influenced by cell phones than adults are, and they are unaware of the consequences that could happen. I really dislike it when people are in their car talking with their phone up to their ear. People could choose to be safer by putting on their cell phones on speaker phone or not even talk on the phone at all when they are in the car. It is just overall safer not to be on the phone with or without speaker phone because it is dangerous. If I decided to answer my phone while I was driving down a single lane highway, there are many things that could go wrong. If it was daylight I could just take too long answering it and I could drive into the opposite lane and cause a wreck and possibly even kill people. Also if it was nighttime, I could have the brightness up to high on my phone and not have my eyesight adjust back in time and I could once again I could wreck and harm myself and possibly others. I hear people say “that won’t happen to me.” The truth is it really could and anything is possible in this day and age. Therefore, I believe that it is really dangerous to talk on your phone while driving. I believe that most people who get into car accidents because of their cell phones are teenagers. They are all in that rebellious stage and want to prove to their mom and dad that they have this world figured out and that they won’t get into an accident. Teens say that it only takes them a minute to

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