Texting and Driving Essay

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AC1501277 Assignment 6_06 3/18/2015 | Why banning the use of cell phones while driving should be mandatory nationwide Cell phones are as common in the market today as a shoes on your feet. They are always at our side whether you’re young or elderly, ready to be answered, receive text messages, check email, or to even make a call. Cellphones have almost become a necessity in society and these devices are usually harmless until there has been a growing interest in trying to make the time spent on the roadway more productive and use a cellphone while driving. Unfortunately this leads to drivers being distracted on the road and therefore, the government should pass legislation to ban cell phone usage while driving nationwide to make the roads safer for yourself and others. Today, my mission will be to convince you... Key point 1: The use of cellphones is very dangerous, found that the use of cellphones causes 26% of the nation's car accidents, a modest increase from the previous year. Key Point 2: Measures need to be taken as a result of this epidemic, there is a serious risk to the public as statistics show that drivers who use a cellphone device are four times more likely to get into a crash. Data emphasizes the importance of banning the use of cell phones while driving and lawmakers should act responsibly and enact measures of how to prevent accidents caused by cell phone distractions. Key point 3: my goal is to ensure that every one who read this will commit to help the pledge and stop using cell phones while driving. As well as inform and persuade you of the importance of it to save lives The statistics for the number of deaths and life-altering accidents for our younger drivers are staggering. Texting while driving causes 11 teen deaths EVERY DAY. That is 11 families, schools, and communities that are forever missing children, classmates,

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