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How texting can affect communication, and how it can help. How texting affects communication. * There are, in fact, several disadvantages of email and texts. "E-mail and texts have become safe havens for escape artists," says Susan Newman, Ph.D., social psychologist and 13-time author. "You can ignore messages, don't have to answer questions you don't like, and you never have to see how much you've hurt someone. We're missing the valuable lessons in-the-flesh talks can teach us." * "Ultra-abbreviated texts offer few clues on the tone of a message or what a person is feeling as she's typing it," says Newman, "leading to confusion and misinterpretation." A few misread words can trigger knee-jerk-reaction replies that quickly get out of hand. Those emotionally-charged texts can be reread ad-infinitum, adding stinging permanence to hurtful jabs. * Texting is taking away from people talking on the phone or even in person. Why would someone want to talk when they can just text, and predicted texting they now don’t even have to know how to spell. * According to forbes.com “messaging isn’t just a new technology, it’s also a new language.” * Texting is creating expectation of immediate response, which can cause people to get upset if they don’t receive one back. * It can cause a loss of communication techniques and well that are involve in a conversation 1. Facial expressions and body language 2. You can’t hear the person’s tone of voice, so the content could be misinterpreted by the receiver. 3. When talking to people they are sitting in front of you having a conversation via text with someone else which could offend the person trying to talk. * People also depend on their phones way too much so if they are without it causes them to have anxiety and panic which could affect the way they talk to others. The ways texting helps

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