Textin Can Improve Writing

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Toyeka Bates Professor Bey English 101-2CD 26 November 2012 Text Messaging Can Improve Writing, Not Future Success Over the past ten years technology has changed the way we communicate. Several advances in technology such as the telephone, fax machine, computer, and cellular phones have made communication faster and easier. The text messaging application allows students to abbreviate words write the way would like to. Text messaging on cellular phones is very common among those who use cell phones, especially amongst school-aged children. Everywhere you look you see children texting on their cell phones. Abbreviations and shorthand language are the ways the vast majority of teenagers communicate with family and friends. There are some who would say texting leads to a decline in language and grammar skills. Others believe texting can improve a child’s grammar, reading, and writing skills. Texting hinders students from learning proper writing skills, communication/ social skills and literacy. Most students are introduced to texting before they learn basic writing skills and lack the ability to understand Standard English, grammar, punctuation, and spelling for written assignments. All of the basic writing skills are ignored because text messaging involves the text language. Language means communications by voice. The majority of students speak the way they text and write the way they speak. For example, “where r u” is all right for students to use when text messaging someone, but in a paper for school it is not right. “Fifty percent of teens say they sometimes use informal writing styles instead of proper capitalization and punctuation in their school assignments” (Lenhart 1). English standards require that students learn the parts of speech, effective sentence development, vocabulary terms and five different types of writing that prepare students for
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