Textbooks vs Ipads

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Should tablets replace textbooks? Tablets are defined as a mobile computer with display, circuitry and battery in a single unit. There are also equipped with sensors, including cameras, microphone and touchscreen. In this century almost every has a tablet in developed countries. Some people think that they should replace textbooks by tablets. Tablets are very useful in this century but they have advantages and disadvantages. The Tablet PC offers a versatile, customized solution. You can use ink, the keyboard, or voice commands. You can calibrate the pen speed, optimize your Tablet PC for your left hand or right hand, and program the hardware buttons to complete specific actions, such as open a program, change screen orientation from landscape to portrait, or record audio. You can also use movements of the pen (called "gestures") to complete common tasks. Students, teachers, and administrators can all benefit from completing their work in less time. Tablet PC enables every user to be more productive in new ways—and in more situations—than ever before. Whether you're waiting for an appointment, sitting in a meeting, or standing in a hallway, you can use your Tablet PC to get more done in less time. In a tablet you can download all your books for the year; the capacity is more than the one from a laptop. It is very important to have your books with everywhere you need them. You can integrate ink into everyday programs, including Microsoft Office System and many third-party programs. Send ink e-mail messages to friends in Microsoft Office Outlook 2003, mark up a Microsoft Office Word 2003 document in your own handwriting, or annotate a Microsoft Office PowerPoint 2003 presentation for a group project. You can also download the free Office XP Pack for Tablet PC to add ink capabilities to familiar Office XP programs. You can even share ink information with others

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