Text to Text Essay (Looking for Alaska and the Shadow of the Wind)

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Carter English 8 8 May 2012 “Love begins with a smile, grows with a kiss, and ends with a teardrop. -Anonymous” Love takes us down paths of bliss or paths of sorrow, which can determine our entire fate. John Greene, author of Looking for Alaska, shows the audience how a male teenager finds love for the first time. Miles Halter, Pudge, finds love in a boarding school in Alabama. Greene brings us down Pudge’s path of falling for Alaska Young then having to deal with her death. Carlos Zafón, author of The Shadow of the Wind, writes about a male teenager, Daniel Sempere, who falls in love with a girl that becomes his source of suffering. Zafón takes us on the journey of how Daniel must cope and Daniel’s adventure along the way. Both authors demonstrate through characterization, young love, and the loss of love that when love is destroyed, it causes unbearable emotional distress and pain that is virtually impossible to cope with. Both Greene and Zafón uses the characterization of their characters to show the way male teenagers cope with losing their first love. Greene creates Pudge into an unpopular geek that is insecure about showing himself. Greene portrays Pudge as almost invincible because he thinks he can do anything for love. Once he attends the boarding school, new friends and people come into his life. Through the suffering those friends cause him, Pudge finds himself in a way. Once Pudge’s love is destroyed, he doesn’t understand how to cope with the immense amounts of pain. Daniel lives with his single dad and only has one friend. Having to cope with losing his love, he finds new love with his best friend’s sister, which makes him lose his only friend. A new friend comes into his life, and he helps Daniel through life. Pain torments Daniel all his life and through enduring the pain Daniel is able to experience new things and discover himself. Even

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