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Text Question 1) George and Lennie are two migrant workers that have arrived at Taylor’s Ranch and are inspecting their sleeping area in the bunkhouse when Curley walks in. 2) Throughout this Passage I believe Curley behaves aggressively, especially towards Lennie, while George remains calm but Cautious. Lennie continuously looks to George for help making the readers feel sorry for him but hostile towards Curley. As soon as Curley walks in there is a sense of authority as “like the boss, he wore high heeled boots.” At this statement the reader may feel that Curley should be respected as clearly he is authoritive and is an important figure on the ranch. He immediately becomes hostile towards George “He glanced coldly” and wants to fight Lennie “his hands closed into fists”. He is behaving quite angrily as normally you clench your fist’s before you hit somebody. This creates an unpleasant atmosphere as George and Lennie feel uneasy in case Curley punches one of them. Curley is quite crafty and sizes George up calculating his options wondering whether it is worth fighting Lennie or not, “Curley stepped gingerly close to him”. This creates tension and anxiety as although Lennie does not really know what is happening George can tell that Curley wants to fight and is waiting to see whether he will make his move or not. “Curley lashed his body around” causes George and Lennie to become extremely nervous as he has not just simply turned around but the word lashed is sudden and you lash somebody with a whip. This sentence makes Curley sound vicious and as if there is intent to intimidate George and Lennie. As Curley leaves he says to Lennie “Well nex’ time you answer when you’re spoke to”. Curley has obviously decided it is not worth fighting him but before he leaves he instructs Lennie as he still wants to intimidate him and show him that he has an authoritive

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