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Introduction Text messaging is perhaps one of the things that people do most daily. Look around on any public vehicles, in restaurants, or even just in the streets you can notice that most people are holding their phones and text messaging. These days, most teenagers in our country are nearly inseparable from their cellphones, not because they are constantly talking, but because they are connecting with their friends through text messaging. Although cell phones are banned in most schools here, most of the students still bring their cellular phones with them. Few adults,including teachers and administrators, understand why adolescents are text messaging and how they harness text messaging capabilities in the classroom. Recent research has demonstrated that use of texting slang when text messaging does not appear to impact negatively on children and young people’s literacy and may even benefit children’s spelling attainment. However, less attention has been paid to the impact of text messaging on children’s and young people’s understanding of grammatical forms. This literature review examines the limited amount of research on the practice of tex tmessaging for adolescents and young adults (ages 11-21), focusing on the motivation,means, and methods of text messaging. The rapidly growing rate of phone technology at this modernized generation is kind of disturbing. It seems that anywhere you can see people glued to their phones’ screen, fingers typing away. On sidewalks, school premises, even at the crowded places. Majority of these people are teenagers. What are some of the effects that texting is having on the teen literacy? That is the question that the researcher explores in this paper. The researcher tackles about the impacts that texting is making on teenagers, the impacts that making the teenagers’ language and writing skills nowadays.

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