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Text Analysis – Psycho Chosen Question: “How effectively does Hitchcock manipulate the audience in the film ‘Psycho’? What techniques does he use and are they successful? Alfred Hitchcock’s ‘Psycho’, adapted from the Robert Bloch Novel by Joseph Stefano, has been described as the mother of the modern horror film. In the film, Alfred Hitchcock forces the audience into becoming a subjective character to intensify the film’s psychological effects. “The point is to draw the audience right inside the situation instead of leaving them to watch it from outside, from a distance. And you can do this only by breaking the action into details and cutting from one to the other, so that each detail is forced in turn on the attention of the audience and reveals its psychological meaning.” – My Own Methods, Hitchcock, 1937. In fact Hitchcock manipulates the audience even before the film was released. The trailer for ‘Psycho’ seems very bizarre at first glance but it does a good job of manipulating the audience. In the trailer for this film Hitchcock strolls along the set of the film, giving the audience a tour of the Psycho set, and almost giving away spoiler details, but he never quite goes that far. Hitchcock teases the audience, and the audience don’t know what to expect from a film with such a strange trailer. The most manipulating part of the trailer is that Hitchcock convinces the audience that Norman Bates’ mother is still alive, whilst never straight up mentioning it, meaning that when the audience go to watch the movie they will believe they are one step ahead by having the knowledge of the mother’s existence, when in true fact they are being manipulated by Hitchcock yet again. In the film the camera is used to deceive the audience, directing the audience’s attention to wherever Hitchcock leads it. The shower scene where Marion Crane is killed is a good scene to
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