Texas V Johnson Essay

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Your First Amendment rights are extremely close to being violated by none other than the United States Congress. I refer to the Flag Desecration Bill that, if passed, would do irreparable damage to our right to free speech and undermine the very priniciples for which the American flag stands. Fortunately, West Virginians have an ally in Sen. Robert C. Byrd. Sen. Byrd, who previously favored the bill, now fights to protect our rights by stopping the passage of this bill. I applaud his stand and want to reinforce his position. In both of the texts show that Gregory Lee Johnson’s actions in burning the flag was allowed, but it can’t be tolerated. In “Texas v. Johnson” the tone is very precise and to the point. “The way to preserve the flag’s special role is not to punish those who feel differently about these matters. It is to persuade them that they are wrong” (Brennan 16). Justice Brennan sums up the Courts decision and his own opinion in a clear and purposeful way. Even though the Court decided to allow the burning of the American flag, Brennan suggests that people should realize that they’re wrong in doing so. In “American Flag Stands for Tolerance”, however, Allen’s tone is very emotional, opinionated, and the sentence structure is free. “The American flag is a cherished symbol of our national aspirations. It is the closest object to a national icon, rivaled only by the Constitution and the Declaration of Independence… what is the harm in insisting a modicum of respect for it” (Allen 18). Allen feels that the flag is a very important symbol to the nation and thinks that everybody should show respect towards

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