Texas Reasons for Secession

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Texas felt unacknowledged and was displeased with the treatment given to them by the union. They believed it was up to themselves to preserve their welfare, protect their borders, but most importantly to maintain their right to negro servitude. Something they believed the union was depriving them of, and their only solution was through secession. They justified their actions by saying its in the best interest of Texas and its people to secede. Slavery had been around since Texas was first settled and cotton being the cash crop, slave labor helped generate a lot of money for the state. Abolishing slavery at the time would have left their economy in ruins. Borderland security was also an issue for Texas. Not only did they face hardships from the native Americans, but also from their southern neighbors of Mexico and money that was being spent by the state to secure their borders was not being reimbursed by the federal government. They felt this was unfair because Texas being a part of the union should be protected and funded by the federal government. Texas felt the north and its citizens were breaking earlier agreements of returning escaped slaves back to the south. Instead they were harboring them . Slavery was a major argument in the ordinance because the south felt that slavery was a god given birth right to the white race; stating that “It is the revealed will of the almighty creator as recognized by all Christian nations”. They felt that it was against the will of god to abolish slavery. They felt that at the time secession was the best answere for Texas because for years they had been functioning just fine off of slavery. Remaining in the union would have forced the abolishment of slavery upon them; destroying their major industry and weakening their well being. They felt that their borderland security would not have been dealt with if they
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