Texas Instrument Advanced Project Management

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Texas Instrument – Advanced Project Management 1. How did they reach excellence? There are two criteria to evaluate the excellence of the project management: Organizations create an environment in which there exists a continuous stream of successfully managed projects; Companies develop cultures in which project managers are taught and encouraged to make decisions based on sound business judgment and not based on a narrow‐minded view. Texas Instrument indeed performs very well in these two aspects. Firstly, they create the Two-in box working method to get the engineering staff working directly with the Construction staff throughout the life of the project to overcome the construction completion syndromes. The project manager and sustaining manager (or system owner) work together and take the same responsibility for the project scope, budget and schedule. Because they have different focus aspects, which could cause paradox and competition, but under the same target: make the project successful, these two managers must be able to communicate and work in a team environment. In addition, both of the participants do their jobs more efficiently and pay more attention to the details of their individual responsibilities to ensure the success of project. Secondly, in order to track the financial issues, TI created the “checkbook” to handle the construction of a semi-conductor manufacturing plant. It is very clear and easy to check at anytime. Moreover, changes happen frequently in the process of project execution, which leads to lots of failures and over budget or time. TI creates the ABC Change Notice Form to authorize project managers to make decision on the scope of work according to the ABC criteria. By doing this, managers are more flexible to control the whole project in the case of changes happening. 2.In which of the 6 components of excellence are Texas

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