Texas Court System Research Paper

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Introduction In this world, there are two types of organizational chart that outlines the structure of the court system. Federal court system and Texas court system are the only two types of court system. Between the two types of court system, supporters strongly believe that the Federal court system is better in outlining the structure than the Texas court system. This paper will briefly explain the differences between the Federal court system and the Texas court system. It will also provide information of why the Federal court system is a better court system and the dislike of why the Texas court system is not the better choice. The paper will then end with a reasonable conclusion of how the Federal court system is better than the Texas court system. Description The federal court system consists of three levels of courts, which are the Supreme Court, the Courts of Appeals, and the district courts (Thomas et al. 2011, 468-469). Supporters believe that just because a court system has fewer levels of courts, does not mean that the court system is weak. This court system is ruled by America, a whole nation. The federal court system has their own jurisdiction (power of a court to hear a case in question) of each of the specific courts (Thomas et al. 2011, 468-469). Not only that supporters believe that this court system is…show more content…
Between the two, the federal court system outlines the structure better than the Texas court system because it is control by a nation and plus it has a comfortable jurisdiction. When it comes to the selection of judges, the federal court system makes it simple by the letting the president nominate the judges while the Texas court system has a long and confusing process. Supporters will strongly put all their fate in the federal court system because it is very strong and very effective than the Texas court system, regardless of the number of levels of
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