Tex2601 Assignment 2

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DECLARATION AND CHECKLIST DECLARATION Name: THEO BEZUIDENHOUT Student number: 39474380 Module code: TEX 2601 Assignment number: 891048 I declare that this assignment is my own, original work. Where I have used source material, it is acknowledged in accordance with departmental requirements. I understand what plagiarism is and I am aware of the departmental policy on it. Signature: Date: 26/03/2014 CHECK LIST Please tick the appropriate box (√). YES 1 I acknowledged all source material (study guide, tutorial letter, internet, other sources) used in my assignment. 2 Irrespective of whether I participated in a study group or not, the wording of the assignment is my own. 3 I indicated all sources used in my assignment by placing the quote in inverted commas and/or by providing the reference according to the Harvard method. 4 At the end of my assignment, there is a bibliography reflecting all the consulted sources. √ √ √ √ NO 0 TABLE OF CONTENTS Section B: WRITING FOR THE NEWSPAPER PAGE Question 1 2 Question 2 2 Question 3 3 Question 4 3 Question 5 4 Section E: WRITING TEXTS FOR PUBLIC RELATIONS AND MARKETING Question 1 4 Question 2 5 Question 3 5 Question 4 6 Question 5 5 SOURCES CONSULTED 7 1 Section B: WRITING FOR THE NEWSPAPER Question 1 1.1 1.2 1.3 1.4 1.5 1.6 1.7 1.8 1.9 1.10 Question 2 2.1 Titlepiece It is the name of the newspaper Head / Headline It is the main heading of a report on or in a newspaper, arousing the reader’s curiosity by supplying them with the gist of the content. C B C C A A B C B B It forms part of the format, structure and layout of the newspaper It forms part of the external structural markers of a newspaper report and articles. 2 2.2 It is the first paragraph of the report itself and its function is to introduce the reader to the

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