Tet Offensive Essay

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1. What is ‘tet’ and why is it significant culturally? It would not be an exaggeration to argue that the Tet Offensive completely changed the face of the Vietnam War, it changed American war aims, and politics, and it alters the cold war consensus that had taken the US into Vietnam * 2. Why would an attack on the scale of the Tet Offensive be unexpected? Because it comes on the most important holiday on the Vietnamese calendar – New Year Celebrations * 3. What was the objective of the Tet Offensive? To demoralize the American troops and people and force the United States out of the war, after which South Vietnam could be defeated or forced into a peace which favored the North. It worked in that American support for the war collapsed after Tet. * 4. Outline the plan, method and scope of the offensive To this end, a multiphase plan was developed: in the first phase, the People's Army of Vietnam (PAVN) would launch attacks on the border regions of South Vietnam to close those regions to American observation. Following this, a second phase of widely dispersed attacks by the Viet Cong directly into the major centers of the country would cause the collapse of the government and would prod the civilians into full-fledged revolt. With the government overthrown, the Americans and other allied forces would have no choice but to evacuate, leading to phase three attacks by the Viet Cong and PAVN against elements of the isolated foreign forces. * 5. What reasons can be given for the US and ARVN being caught somewhat by surprise by the Tet Offensive? Because it was carried out on a very important holiday on the Vietnamese Calendar * 6. What was the outcome of the Offensive Tet was a major Communist defeat from which it would take some time to recover. This was a defensive moment in the war. The North may have been licking their wounds
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