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DESIGNING AND CONDUCTING SPEAKING TEST I. OVERVIEW 1. What to test? a. Linguistic knowledge: - Accuracy: pronunciation is influenced by frist language. Grammatical/ lexical accuracy is generally high, though some errors which do not destroy communication are accepted. • Pronunciation • Grammar •Vocabulary - Appropriacy: use of language appropriate to function. The overall intention of the speaker is always clear. - Range: a fair range of language is available to the test taker. He can express himself without having to search for words. - Flexibility: to take the innitiative in a conversation and to adapt to new topic or changes of direction. - Fluency: It is the smooth joining-up of elements an acceptable speed of delivery. Fluent speaking is the smooth joining of fluent pronunciation and fluent expression of ideas. • Lack of hesitation • Independence • Length b. Language functions The speaking test requires Ss to take part in oral interaction which may involve the following language functions: - Expressing: thanks, requirements, opinions, comments, attitudes, confirmation, apology, want/need, informations, complaints, reasons/justifications. - Narrating: sequence of events. - Eliciting: information, directions, service, clairifiction, help, and permission. - Directing: ordering, instructing, persuading, advising, warning. 2. Purposes • To measure students' ability to begin and develop a conversation and check uptake of lexis presented during the course. • To provide evidence of standards of pronunciation and communicative ability. • To provide practice in a test format that students may encounter in the future. 3. Types of test - Indirect tests - Semi- direct tests - Direct tests II. COMMOM TECHNIQUES IN EACH TYPE OF TEST 1. Indirect tests - Definition: tests are related to the speech but do not require the test- taker to

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