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Testing on Animals Essay

  • Submitted by: juneys
  • on December 3, 2013
  • Category: Social Issues
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Essay - Proficiency - Testing on Animals  

Most of the advances in medicine including both medical procedures and the development of drugs have been made at the expense of countless animals used in laboratory experiments. Furthermore, numerous products we use everyday, such as cosmetics and shampoos, are also tested on animals. This is a fact which some people see as a necessary evil, while others, see it as cruel and immoral. Do we really need to test on animals or is it just human arrogance that leads us to believe that we can treat animals as we see fit?

Scientists and medical researchers claim that without testing on animals, medicine would still be in the dark ages. Their rationale is that by trying new operating techniques on animals before they attempt them on people, they greatly increase the chances of a successful outcome. In addition, it is claimed that without testing new medicines on animals to detect side effects and find ways of overcoming them, many drugs would harm the people they are intended to cure. Their aim is to save human life and to them the end justifies the means. However, companies that test household products on animals, even spraying cleaning products into their eyes to estimate the damage, also claim the same thing.

On the other hand, it is believed by many people that the suffering caused to these animals can never be justified. They claim that it is man’s arrogance that leads him to believe that animals feel less than human beings, that their pain is not as intense as our own. They also claim that many experiments are carried out which are unnecessary and merely satisfy the curiosity of scientists.

I personally believe that for medical purposes, testing on animals should be allowed if it will help to save human life but only in rigidly controlled conditions, avoiding any unnecessary cruelty. Testing household products on animals however, is not necessary and should be banned.

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