Testing Is Not the Way Essay

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When the subject of education comes up in a conversation the mind will probably recall to some classmates, good or bad teachers, favorite subjects or even favorite schools. But inevitably, if one is to think or dwell on the subject of education, their mind will surely and shortly remember the excessive use of testing in a day, week, month, and in the overall use of testing during the whole school year. When politics talk about education, according to Joel Spring in, The Politics of Education, politician’s talk about how public schools are in huge crises and their plans to resolve those issues, usually for the most part is not based on any research. (Spring) Moreover, Politicians were stunned when the Soviet Union successfully launched Sputnik in 1957. Americans questioned, how could the US have fallen second in the race for space? Politian’s looked for answers and found that the problem was in schools failing to educate children to their full potential, which initially marked the beginning of harsh criticisms towards public schools and the rise of many reforms to improve Americas education system. Furthermore, with every subject, there are two sides and, of course, standardized testing is no different. To understand the use of standardized testing one must first understand the history of standardized testing, its expansion, how different groups in the education system have been effected and whether the excessive use of standardized exams has had a positive or negative impact in students, teachers, and the whole nation. In the beginning from a historical perspective, the idea of using the results of an examination for purposes of determining the ability to perform in a specific job or duty has been around since 2200 B.C in ancient China. Dylan William states in her article, "Standardized Testing And School Accountability,” that during this time many people seeking

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