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ASSOCIATE OF APPLIED SCIENCE IN BUSINESS ADMINISTRATION SCHOOL OF BUSINESS AND MANAGEMENT SET YOURSELF APART FROM THE COMPETITION–EARN YOUR ASSOCIATE’S DEGREE IN BUSINESS AT KAPLAN UNIVERSITY. To stand out in business, you need to make the most of your talent. An associate’s degree from Kaplan University’s School of Business and Management could give you an edge. The online Associate of Applied Science in Business Administration is a dynamic, innovative program designed to offer the right balance of theory and practice to help prepare you for advancement in the business world.1 Learn how Kaplan University could help you turn your career goals into a business career. WHAT’S INSIDE: Career Outcomes Curriculum Highlights Kaplan University Overview To enroll, call your Admissions Advisor today. For more information, visit studentcenter.kaplan.edu. CAREER OUTCOMES SOLVE TODAY’S BUSINESS CHALLENGES— PURSUE A BUSINESS DEGREE In 2008, five of the most in-demand bachelor’s degrees were in business.2 Fields like accounting, business administration, marketing, and management are all looking for talent. An Associate of Applied Science in Business Administration from Kaplan University could help you start or advance your career in this challenging environment.1 In July 2009, the current Presidential administration set a goal for America: by 2020, have the highest proportion of college graduates in the world. The $12 billion American Graduation Initiative program will include expanding Pell Grants and college tax credits, simplifying the student aid application, and helping families save for college.3 This investment signals an acknowledgement by the government of the importance of a college education. CUSTOMIZE YOUR BUSINESS DEGREE TO HELP REACH YOUR CAREER GOALS Graduates with a business degree may experience a broad spectrum

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