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Case Study Project Total Marks: 100 Elective – Information Technology How is IT innovated? As an IT student what do IT students today need to learn to become innovators themselves? With that, below are 25 ways to create your own classroom of innovators and help prepare your students for a changing job landscape: Urge students to imagine the skills – not the job title – they want. Because today’s job landscape is changing so rapidly, it no longer makes sense to ask student what they want to be but rather what skills they want to have. By the time they are career-ready, they should have a wide enough variety of tools to succeed on multiple career paths. Promote creativity. Innovation requires creativity to be effective, and creativity requires innovation to be effected. Build intrinsic motivation. Wagner cites play, passion, and purpose as the three most powerful ingredients of intrinsic motivation. The play is discovery-based learning that leads young people to find and pursue a passion, which evolves, over time, into a deeper sense of purpose. Help students see differences, not similarities. In the words of Youngme Moon, “Where a novice sees similarities, a connoisseur sees differences.”? It’s your job to teach your students the value of the latter, and to lead by example. Explain that different does not necessarily mean opposite. Some students, especially younger ones, may assume that thinking differently means assuming the opposite stance in an argument or discussion. Consequently, they may end up being even less productive members of the class, countering every idea with its opposite just to stand out. Don’t confuse conformity with competition. If you see one student eyeing another’s science project, encourage that student to abandon his envy and continue on his own path – most likely he will be more successful that way. We all feel safer

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