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Testimonial - artifact speech Specific purpose: By the end of the speech my audience will know about my best favorite book “I’m gifted so are you”. Thesis: “I’m gifted, so are you” is the most interesting book I owned that showed me how I can become successful. INTRODUCTION I. Tôi tài giỏi bạn cũng thế. II. Does anyone know what language that is? A. That is meaning “ I’m gifted, so are you” in English. This is actually a title of the best seller book in Singapore. B. No matter where you are, who you are, what school you are going to, what you are trying to achieve. I’m sure that you’ll find your answer in this book “I’m gifted, so are you.” III. The book is a gift from my best friend. She gave it to me when I go studying abroad with hope I’ll be ‘’gifted”. A. First, I’ll discuss what led me reading this book. B. Second, I’ll discuss why did it become my favorite book, how does it effect me. BODY I. When I first came to United States, I suffered from culture shock and homesick. I had a hard time getting used to the timezone, American foods, American cultures. Don’t have friends I was homesick, A. I got bored, did’t know what to do so I get everything out of my package and my big suitcase tried to arranged them in my new room. It’s the first thing kept me have strong, confident 1. In a small package, all of gifts from my friends and all of things keep my memories with my family and friends was packed nicely and carefully. Photos, jeweries, pens, diaries, and a book. 2. A brand new book with the blue nice color and really attract me with the impress titile “I’m gifted, so are you”. 3. I began to look all over the book and know that it is not from Vietnam. It is translatation version, from English version to my language. On its cover, it said “best seller in Singapore with over 50,000 copies” and the other
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