Tester Ethic Essay

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Assignment 1 Q1: Discuss the following testing principles. Your discussion for each principle must be one paragraph long. 1. Testing reveals the presence of bugs Software testing is used to show the presence of bugs and not to show their absence. This is because, the objective of software testing is to meet user requirements, find the bugs and try to fix it later. With testing, it can reduces the probability of undiscovered defects. Even if the tester not be able to find the defects does not means that the system is 100% correct and no defects. Test is designed to find as many bugs as possible, so a test that can identifies bugs is better than one that can’t find any. 2. Impossibility of exhaustive testing It is impossible to test all the variable since there lots of variable in the system. So, rather than doing the exhaustive testing, the tester can just focus and put efforts on only the most critical and risks. 3. Benefits of early testing Early testing is important because test the system as soon as possible can prevent any delays and unknown risks that will happen and you will have enough time to deal with it. In addition, start testing early can solve the problem as early as you find the bugs which means that it is cost effective and useful to avoid bugs afterward. You as a tester can get enough time to quantify the problem’s scope. Normally, the tester team does not get enough time to do the testing which can affect the quality of the product, so by doing the testing early the tester does not have to squeeze their time. 4. Defect clustering During the software testing, when the defects are found it will be analyze to get the result. Defect clustering in software testing means that the majority of the defects are caused by a small number of modules for example, a small section of code may contain most of the defects. This

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