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Theorganicgrocer.com Question 1 Discuss the comparative operational differences between the case study’s online operation and a conventional “bricks and mortar” grocery store. [10 marks] There are differences between online operation and a conventional “bricks and mortar” grocery. The differences can be seen in few ways. 1. In Online operation, customer can access through technology such as smart phone, computer and the payment can be online banking or payment with credit card or debit card. Bricks and mortar grocery’s customers make payment through cash term unless certain grocery store provides a credit card payment service. 2. The online customers made payment using a secure encrypted chased for example, when we purchase from groupon.my the vouchers or even when we would to pay for Wawasan Open University course fee online, the bank’s security webpage will send a security code to the mobile phone of the customers who uses his or her credit card to purchase. Then upon receiving the code, they will key in to confirm payment. Bricks and mortar grocery do not require security code to confirm payment as customers only pay by cash. 3. Online operation is available 24 hours and consumers can access during work and at home even wee hours in the morning. The bricks and mortar grocery rarely opens more than 15 hours, this will cause customers unable to access it 24 hours. Customers will have to wait the next day if they have things to buy from the grocery. 4. Online operation shows their catalogue through pictures, text and description on the webpage to enable customers to see how the product looks like. Sometimes the pictures on the webpage may not be as it was as the online operators will usually put the best shots onto the webpage this will cause customers not able to get the products as they expected it to be. Bricks and mortar grocery’s customers

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