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Test or No Test Keyona Barkley Baker College Test or No Test In this economic time many people are relying on the government for legitimate reasons. Welfare is supposed to meet the basic needs, and drugs are far from basic human needs. A total of seven states have drug testing, or screening laws for welfare applicants over the past two years including Arizona, Georgia, Oklahoma, Tennessee, Utah, and Florida(Governing,2012). Matt (2012) indicated that Florida laws require all applicants to be drug tested. A Michigan law that required random drug test of welfare recipients was dismissed in federal court in 2003. The judge ruled it violated the fourth amendment, which protect citizens from unreasonable searches (Kondro, 2011). Testing should be required before providing services. There should be densely guidelines that are followed when one applies for assistance. Welfare recipients should be drug tested because multiple, abuse the system, good jobs require testing, the living status, and fraud. Abuse Abuse of the welfare system is very high. The most widely recognized form of welfare abuse was practiced decades ago, and occurs when recipients sell their food stamps for cash. I believe drug testing recipients would decrease the amount of people abusing the system. Many people depend on welfare for their sole source of income to support their family. According to Haerens (2013) noted many would trade their food stamp card for various things like cash, cigarettes, and an occasional joint. Mandatory drug testing recipients should be enforced in order to eliminate excessive tax dollars being spent carelessly on individuals who may be taking advantage of the welfare system. It will cost of lot of money to test everybody in order to find a small number of users (Governing,

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