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Original publication date: March 30, 2012 Current publication date: July 9, 2012 Bookmarks appear on the left side of this pdf to help you navigate the online catalog. In addition, throughout the pdf are links to help you navigate to other sections within the catalog as well as to external websites that may provide you with valuable information. Links are noted in blue and underscored. 2 012–2013 | Academic Catalog | Volume VIII Supplemental Information as of July 9, 2012 Keller’s Academic Catalog Volume VIII is now in effect. This publication includes the following significant changes: Note: Effective July 2012, many course designators – letters that precede course ID numbers – are changing (e.g., the Hospitality Management course designator, HM, is changing to HOSP). A Course Conversion chart has been created to depict the changes. Course designators and ID numbers throughout this pdf have been updated. Note: Effective July 2012, the University is implementing a new student-centric period calendar. As a result, numerous admission and academic policies have been updated. Note: Tuition effective beginning with the July 2012 session is included in this publication. Page 16: Information pertaining to students interested in sitting for the CPA exam in Texas has been added to the MBA program notes. Page 81: Information in Registration has been updated. Page 83: Information in Rescinding Award Conferrals has been updated. Page 84 and 85: Information in Library has been updated. This information replaces information formerly presented in Library and in Online Library and Information Resources. A new section, Student Injury and Sickness Insurance Plan, has been added and replaces information formerly presented in Insurance. A new section, Hours of Operation, has been added. Page 86 and 87: Information in the tuition chart pertaining
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