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Test Essay to Get Login

  • Submitted by: jbrumbalow
  • on February 15, 2015
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• Sub national Governments:
– State and local governments have been characterized by revitalization and diversity since the 1960’s.
– States have become more active players in policymaking.
– States still remain diverse in their populations and policies.

State Constitutions
• In General
– Each state has its own unique constitution.
– They are subordinate to the U.S. Constitution.
– State constitutions have more detail about specific policies.
– Specific interests work to protect their issues in the constitutions since it is harder to amend them.

• Constitutions establish a government’s structure and powers.   What will it create?
– Parliamentary or separate executive?
– Unicameral or bicameral?
– Power of each branch?
– Selection method and term length?
– Checks and balances?
– Term length?

• Every Constitution is a product of the experiences of those writing it.
• U.S. Federal Constitution contains   sections on:
– Congress may not grant letters of marque (authorizing privacy against other countries)
– Nor grant titles of nobility
– Nor quarter troops in a private person’s home
• Outdated sections, but very important to the Founders in 1789

The Seven Texas Constitutions
                1827 - Constitution of Coahuila y Tejas
• 1836 - Constitution of the Republic
• 1845 - Constitution of 1845
• 1861 - Civil War Constitution
• 1866 - Constitution of 1866
• 1869 - Reconstruction Constitution
• 1876 - Texas Constitution

A State of Mexico:
The 1827 Constitution
• Prior to its independence, Texas was governed as part of Mexico.
• The 1824 Constitution of Mexico established a federal republic and provided that each state should write its own constitution in 1827.
– Texas and Coahuila established a constitution in 1827.

The 1836 Texas Constitution
• Texas declared independence in 1836.
– Republic of Texas
• Created a bicameral Congress
– House and Senate whose members were...

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