Test/Dont Test Highschool Athletes

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Test High School Athletes In high school, sports were created to offer athletic students a way to compete amongst themselves. Unfortunately, this competition brought up a way of cheating. Some high school students have substituted hard work and talent for the use of steroids. “In a 2004 study by the National Institute on Drug Abuse, 3.4 percent of high school seniors admitted to having used steroids at least once” (Anonymous). This isn’t saying that all high school students use steroids, however, steroids are present. Using steroids are illegal and random tests should be mandatory in high schools to find those athletes that use steroids. Steroids can be used for many reasons, but the main reason behind steroid use among high school athletes is to enhance their performance. Steroids contain testosterone, which encourage cell growth within the body. Although it appears that steroids are helping the body, they are actually killing it. The excessive use of steroids cause arteries to plug up with fat, which can cause strokes and heart attacks. Steroids also attack the liver and weaken the immune system (Lardas). A schools main priority should be on the health of their students. Steroids are a big health issue and testing the athletes for steroids will force them to stop taking steroids. Therefore, testing the students will result in students living a healthier life. If a student is taking steroids, this test will catch them. The punishment for getting caught using steroids would be some sort of suspension to keep the athlete from playing for a while. No student athlete wants to be benched. If steroids tests are given, the students that take steroids will have fear of getting caught. This will force student athletes to think twice before they begin to take steroids. It will also stop those that are already taking it. High school athletes that are taking steroids
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