Test Anxiety And Note Taking

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Sadia Haleem SDV 100 “Note Taking and Test Anxiety” This video has great tips on note take and test anxiety. And it made me realize how important note taking can be and how useful it can be to every student. Note taking is the most important essential method to succeed in school, whether its middle school, high school or college. Note taking helps you learn the information better than before, improves your writing skills, helps you study later, helps you study later, helps you study while you write and helps you summarize. There are many different methods in note taking; shorthand, outlining, the Cornell System are some of them. Personally, I prefer to use the Shorthand method. This is because some professors speak really fast and you need to abbreviate the words in order to keep up with the professor. Not everyone is going to use the same method. It’s whatever works best for the individuals. Every student should be taught on how to write notes. When our exams are near, the notes take a great place in helping us preparing for our exams. This saves up a lot of time then reading straight from the books. Notes also make you get organized and things start to make more sense than before. Note taking contain the five R’s which are Record, Reduce, Recite, Reflect and Review. The notes you will drop down will become a study aid, an external memory device and an instrument to aid in review and recitation. I have learned to write legible, summarize, use bullet points, clearing indicate main points, and concentrate better using notes. What I learned is that while your teacher is giving a lesson always looks for words like: “the most important thing”, “remember to” “put a mark on” and many more signal words Test anxiety is something that happens to many students. Everyone feels a little nervous and stressed before a test. To overcome this, while preparing for a test,

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