Test 9 Cache 3 Essay

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Question 1 (Weighting: 5) Teaching assistant can contribute to discussions and decision making during team meetings by doing various things this includes getting prepared for the meeting by thinking ahead of what are the important discussion points that need to be raised, they also need to make sure that their contributions to the meeting are clear, concise and relevant to the development of the school. By taking notes and passing to colleagues that may be absent on the day of the meeting and behaving ethically at all times. A teaching assistant must be ready to accept and value others opinion if they have a different views to theirs. It is also important to be open to ideas and express own views. Question 2 (Weighting: 5) Describe how to communicate effectively with colleagues. It is important to have excellent communication skills with colleagues in order to have a good work relationship and development of the school. To communicate effectively a teaching assistant needs to be able to speak clearly, calmly and listen to others. By building up confidence teaching assistant will be able to communicate with everyone irrespective of the people or surroundings. By being assertive and putting their information across calmly, it is also a good idea to repeat if need be and not being aggressive and giving others opportunity to speak. The teaching assistant should always behave ethically and comply with the legislation. Question 3 (Weighting: 5) Discuss how a teaching assistant can offer support and encouragement to other team members. Everyone in school should work together in order for the school to develop so it is important to work hand in hand and communicate effectively with one another. It is imperative to be a team player and support other members. When working with others it is vital to share best practices, learn

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