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Problem Statement: Graduate Capstone Course Student name: Click here to enter text. Student ID: Click here to enter text. Capstone Program: Choose an item. State the problem or business need in one or two sentences. We recommend that you work through this job aid first, Creating an Effective Problem Statement. Click here to enter text. Describe the client/organization by providing some background and describing the context in which the business problem or need occurs. Do not use the client/organization’s actual name (unless the client is a legal nonprofit with 501 (C3) status). How long in business? Type of business? Size of business (employees, customers served, approximate annual sales or revenue)? Management structure? Legal structure? Relevant recent events? Click here to enter text. When did the organization become aware of the problem? What actions, if any, have been taken to mitigate the problem? Click here to enter text. Identify the person in the organization (by position or title) that authorized you to resolve the problem: Job title: Click here to enter text. Optional comments: Click here to enter text. What three functional areas might be contributing to the problem? Describe why you think these functional areas are contributing to (causing) or affected by the problem. Do not focus on the solution when identifying your functional areas. Recommendation: Complete Step 5 in the Creating an Effective Problem Statement. Note: Please refer to the functional area job aid. Your business functional area should align to one of the functional areas listed. Important note: Although, the course mentor team must approve your problem statement and may discuss functional areas, please keep in mind that problem approval does not include approval of possible functional areas. Functional areas emerge after root cause analysis and must be clearly

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