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Appendix C: Technical Survey Answer each question below based on the method(s) of implementation: • Hosted at RadioShack - Application will reside on a RadioShack server in the RadioShack datacenter. • Application Service Provider - Application will reside on a third party server offsite • Shared Hosting - A portion of the application will reside on a RadioShack server in the RadioShack datacenter, and a portion will reside on a third party server offsite. (This is a hybrid of the first two). Therefore, if you support two methods of implementation, then you will be expected to answer the question twice. Also, if multiple answers are given, then identify the method that each answer supports. Please note the following: • Respond to the questions in the same order as presented. • The bold heading text before each question must precede the answer. • No question can be answered by attaching an external document or brochure. 1. Software Architecture Please provide a detailed description of the software architectures available for this product. Indicate your preferred architecture (2-tier, 3-tier, client/server, web-enabled, object oriented, distributed data, etc.). |Hosted at RadioShack |Application Service Provider |Shared Hosting | |We recommend 3-tier architecture with |Same as previous |Same as previous | |dedicated Web Servers, Application Servers, | | | |and Database Servers. | | | 2. Application Architecture Model Is this information provided to customers? Discuss business logic structure, the use of internal stored procedures,

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