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1. The Colorado State Legislature wants to estimate the length of time it takes a resident of Colorado to earn a bachelor’s degree from a state college or university. A random sample of 265 recent in-state graduates were surveyed. (a) Identify the variable. 1. (a) ______length of time____________________ (b) Is the variable quantitative or qualitative? (b) ____quantitative______________________ (c) What is the implied population? (c) _____in state graduates_____________________ 2. For the information in parts (a) through (g) below, list the highest level of measurement as ratio, interval, ordinal, or nominal and explain your choice. A student advising file contains the following information. (a) Name of student 2. (a) ________nominal__________________ (b) Student identification number (b) _______nominal___________________ (c) Cumulative grade point average (c) _____interval_____________________ (d) Dates of awards (scholarships, dean’s list, …) (d) _______nominal___________________ (e) Declared major (e) _____nominal_____________________ (f) A number code representing class standing: 1 = Freshman, 2 = Sophomore, 3 = Junior, 4 = Senior, 5 = Graduate student (f) ____ratio______________________ (g) Entrance exam rating for competency in English: Excellent, Satisfactory, Unsatisfactory (g) ____ordinal______________________ 3. Identify each of the following samples by naming the sampling technique used (cluster, convenience, simple random, stratified, systematic). (a) Over a period of two days, measure the length of time every fifth person coming into a bank waits for teller service. 6. (a) ________systematic__________________ (b) Take a sample of five zip codes

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