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Chairman Mao Zedong of the Peoples Republic of China was a significant figurehead in Chinese and world history, helping to develop his country and make it into the world power it is today. Although criticised for causing the deaths of tens of millions of his own people through his communist party’s ‘Great Leap Forward’ political campaign, he is praised by many as helping modernize China in many different ways. He was responsible for modernizing Chinas history by elevating the status of women, improving education and finally raising the life expectancy by providing universal housing. Mao had a large impact on China, mainly because he helped modernize it by implementing new ideas whilst in power, a most prominent one being the promotion of women’s rights and equality. Chairman Mao helped bring Chinese women forward from inequality, and established new foot holdings for them, such as banning ‘foot binding’ a practice which hobbled women and kept them tied to their house. In doing so, he allowed women to feel more confident in there selves, and went on to pass the Marriage Law of 1950, which entitled married couples to equal rights and guaranteed good professions for women. This helped modernize China and bring it level with other countries on female equality, as before Mao’s reformation women were looked upon as second class citizens to their male counterparts. Chairman Mao also made big changes to farming and industry, collecting up land and distributing it fairly amongst ordinary people. His policies encouraged farmers to work in factories, increasing China’s industrial growth and strengthening its economy. By doing so, he changed Chinese farmer’s traditional private farming techniques into monopolized communal land which greatly improved the systems stability. Mao also revolutionised singular farming, promoting farming families to form collectives which would

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