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The first symptom of Ishmael Lesuers Syndrome is triggered by a deadly virus that results in the combination of “Ishmael” and Leseur. Ishmael’s sister Prue has an IQ level of a genius and is adored by many people. Ishmael blames his parents for his syndrome because they are the people that gave him his name. Ishmael shares the name of a character in the story “Moby Dick”. He is embarrassed about this and squirms every time he hears about it. 3. On the day Ishmael was born his father dressed up as a pirate. He had his right leg strapped behind his thigh and had made a cardboard wooden leg to replace it. He wore a bandage made out of gauze, a wooden crutch and a surgical eye patch coloured in with a black marker. He also used a teddy bear as parrot and taped it to his shoulder. He did this to cheer up his emotional wife in hospital. Herman Melville wrote the story Moby Dick. Ishmael’s parents gave him his name from a character in the book. Ishmael calls him “the real culprit” because he believes that if he hadn’t written the book, Ishmael would not be called his name. CHECK CHAPTER FIVE QUESTION: 6. Ishmael decides to try to avoid Barry to get through school. He spent his first year in high school hiding. He describes year 9 as the toughest, weirdest and most embarrassingly awful and also the best year of his life. Ishamel describes his new year teacher as: “young, beautiful, happy to be here, bubbly, sparkling eyes, always smiling, friendly, bright, enthusiastic”. I think he thought she was too sweet and innocent to survive the term with students like Barry. He changed his mind after she told Barry off and thought she would be be able to make it through the year. After reading Ishmael’s “amazing things about me list” Miss Tarango would probably conclude that he doesn’t like his name and that he becomes very nervous when in front of a

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