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Classroom Management & Managing aggresive individuals Workshop objectives Know how to design clear expectations for student behavior, classroom routines and prevention of misbehavior. Recognize and know how to respond to the early warning signs of those susceptible to aggressive and /or violent behavior. Things We Do Not Control · A parent's attitude toward learning · "Yell and Hit " method of parenting · Societal ills like : drugs ,violence, constant danger · Kids brought up on TV and Video games Things We Do control · Students experiences of learning in the classroom · Academics - quality and quantity · Stutents Engagement What do Students want ? · Techers to be nice and smile often · teachers to care about them · teachers to be understanding · teachers to be patient · teachers to be fair and consistent · teachers who like teaching · teachers that are trustworthy · teachers who can get to know them · teachers who believe in them · teachers who make learning interesting · teachers who do not embarrass them · teachers who challange them · teachers who do not scream · teachers who do not give up on them · teachers that challenge them to be their best · teachers who help them succeed Master Teachers · Know what they are doing every day · Know and teach classroom procedures throughout the school year - even in the spring · Know their proffesional responsibilities · Know that every day can be " the first day of school". A well managed classroom characteristics · High level of students involvement with work · Relatively little wasted time , confusion , or disruption · Work oriented but relaxed and pleasant climate effective teachers · Constantly ask - Are they learning what I want them to learn ?Can they demonstrate or wxplain what they have learned ? · Ensure that students

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