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Test Essay

  • Submitted by: jacksabbath89
  • on December 11, 2012
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Below is an essay on "Test" from Anti Essays, your source for research papers, essays, and term paper examples.

Potential Paper Topics

Below are the topics for you to choose from for your two papers. I strongly suggest you make your choices based both on interest and scheduling - remember, papers go down a letter grade each day they are late for any reason (except documented sickness or family death). I will briefly discuss each paper 1-2 weeks before it is due; and, I encourage students to see, to call or to E-mail me if they ever have any questions regarding any paper. Be advised, none of these papers can be successfully completed by starting the night before it is due. I suggest you plan accordingly. To aid you in your writing, you can find the general grading rubric I employ for these papers on my home page. Familiarize yourself with it. It will take out the "guesswork" for my grading.

Paper Option 1: What Does the Media Teach Us About Gender? (Due 9/19)
Compare the most recent edition of at least 2 magazines that are targeted to men and 2 magazines that are targeted to women. These magazines cannot be of a sexual nature (e.g., Playboy or Playgirl). Analyze the advertisements in these magazines from a sociological perspective with regards to what they say about men and women, gender expectations and gender socialization. In writing your report: 1) Write a brief introduction citing what researchers claim the media's role in socialization is. (You can use your textbook for a discussion of some research, but I also suggest looking for some journal articles using the electronic indexes from the library). 2) Write a methods section where you describe the types of magazines (title and a brief description of the focus of the magazine) you used and why you chose them. To conduct this study, you need to code the advertisements. I suggest you a) Keep track of the number of total advertisements for each magazine, the number that just feature men, the number that just feature women and the number with both b) code the individual advertisements according to the portrayal of...

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