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Chapter 1 Test The Writing Process Courtney Griggs PSY 3346 Troy University Dr. Creel September 24, 2010 Learning Targets for Performance Assessment The writing process consists of various stages. By the end of this chapter, students will be able to identify the different steps of the writing process. Students will be exposed to the following steps of the writing process: Prewriting, Drafting, Revising, Editing, and Publishing. Through the exposure of these steps of the writing process, students will be able to better understand what the writing process is as well as improve their writing techniques. The students will use ideas about communication derived from this literary selection as a springboard for thinking and writing about the different ways in which ideas and feelings can be communicated. Learning Targets: 1. Students will be able to demonstrate their knowledge and practice the stages of the writing process. 2. Students will display their understanding of the writing process by being able to write a composition on the subject of communication. 3. Students will be able to read and think critically about the ways in which people affect one another through communication. 4. Students will use instruction related to recalling a personal experience to gather details and composition. 5. Students will be able to identify and classify details under specific headings in the chapter about the writing process. Components: 1. Student mastery of substantive subject matter and procedures of the writing process. 2. Student ability to use knowledge to reason and write. 3. Student ability to demonstrate achievement-related skills, such as reading aloud, interpersonal interaction, speaking in a second language, operating equipment correctly and safely, conducting experiments, operating components, and performing

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