Tessie Hutchinson Essay

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Shirley Jackson’s short story, “The Lottery,” takes place at some point during the small-village days of Midwestern America. The story begins with the citizens of the village gathering to take part in what is exposed as an annual “lottery,” that the whole community must take part in. The town’s smallest boys form a large pile of rocks in the corner of the village square and run around playing like typical little boys. As the story progresses, the reader soon comes to the conclusion that there is something not quite right, something corrupted in the town’s code of conduct. This is confirmed when, in the end, a woman draws a marked slip of paper from the ancient ballot box and is quickly stoned to death by everyone in town, even her own children. The woman is Tessie Hutchinson, an obnoxious, selfish mother and housewife. Through her use of dialogue and descriptive adjectives, Jackson utilizes Tessie to display the lower gender role of women in earlier America and to serve as the largest source of rebellion in the story’s village. Shirley Jackson, born December 14, 1919, was an American author hailing from San Francisco, California. Growing up, she’d always wanted to become a writer and displayed this through many journals and examples of poetry. As she grew into adulthood, Jackson moved to New York to pursue her education at the University of Rochester before taking a year off to better understand how to write properly. The system she developed for good writing followed her through the rest of her life, as she wrote at least a thousand words a day and completed college at Syracuse University with a bachelor’s degree in arts. While in school, Jackson published both fiction and non-fiction in the campus’ magazines and newspapers, as well as writing several editorials to advocate against prejudice towards other people, primarily Jews and
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