Tess Of The D’Urbervilles

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Tess of the d’Urbervilles Tess of the d’Urbervilles(New York:Chelsea House,1987) ,a world famous book,is written by Thomas Hardy.Hardy is an accomplished writer who strongly believes in the idea of fatalism and it’s this belief that inspires Hardy to write this wonderful work of literature. This book is a story of tragedy and the protagonist Tess is really a wretched and sad girl.Almost every reader will take pity on Tess and feel depressed about Tess’s unfortunate life.Tess is a beautiful girl living with her impoverished family in the village of Marlott.The condition of extreme poverty of family makes Tess live in high pressure.To support the family,Tess takes her mother’s advice and goes to a so called d’Urberville family for help,which becomes the source of Tess’s tragedy.She is seduced by Alec d’Urberville and from then on her life totally changes from this loss of innocence.Her husband Clare leaves away from her when he knows the truth.Tess muders Alec in order to live with Clare when he comes back from Brizal.Tess is arrested.What a poor woman!The man she deeply loves comes back finally,but they can no longer get together.I can’t help crying after reading Tess’s hard life.I hope that the novel will have a happy ending,but novel is written to reflect true life of society and therefore Tess inevitably suffers a lot and eventually can’t stay with the person she loves. Why does the bad often ruin the good?Why is beautiful Tess damaged by ugliness?In my opinion,there are several aspects lead to Tess’s tragedy.First,it’s because of women’s low place in the society.Women are treated unfairly.Girl should be hard-working,loyal in people’s mind.Once she is seduced,she will not be respected.But little do people care about man’s character.Second,Tess’s attitude to love also affects the result of her life.Because of her honesty,she experiences aparting from her

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