Tesla Marketing Strategy

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Tesla’s Marketing Strategy It probably comes as no surprise, but Tesla does not follow a conventional approach to automobile marketing. The company does not employ a chief marketing officer. It does not work with a large ad agency. In fact, it maintains only a small in-house marketing department. Instead, Tesla focuses on creating an engaging, content-rich online experience for its followers, through its own website as well as social media. The Tesla website offers a wealth of information, including in-depth product descriptions, press releases and timely blogs written by Elon Musk himself. Involving the company’s lead product architect and majority owner in content creation certainly differentiates Tesla’s digital marketing from the competition. But it’s also part of the larger strategy of making the energetic Elon Musk the face of the company. Since Tesla’s early days, Musk has been out in front of TV cameras and making keynote addresses at niche technology conferences. It’s been (and still is) a brilliant branding strategy. It allows consumers to put a face to the company and develop a personal connection to the brand. Seeing and hearing Musk’s inspiring, forward-thinking ideas only reinforces this important brand dynamic. Think Apple. Think Steve Jobs. Using this strong brand identity as its foundation, Tesla has recently begun expanding its marketing reach through another revolutionary idea: the tiny, brand-centric storefront in a shopping mall. “Few people have noticed the radical marketing technique at the center of Tesla’s sales strategy,” wrote Forbes contributor Simon Reynolds in a 2013 blog. “For starters, [the showrooms] are not located along main roads like every other car dealer. They are in shopping malls — right alongside brands like Zara, Bloomingdale’s and Sees Candy. Secondly, the showrooms are only the size of a small shop, often only

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