Tesla Marketing Mix

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Marketing mix: a. Product Tesla is a new company. It only has three vehicle models. Based on information that Tesla has a few competitors and it starts make a profit in the first quarter of 2014. We assume that Tesla’s Model X electric vehicles are still in the introductory stage. People who buy its products are innovators and early adopters. The target market is the consumer who wants to take a risk in order to experience new design and technology to experience. Model X has not been released yet, therefore it can expand the scale of potential customers. The Model X will be branded as a SUV-Minivan hybrid, which will attract both SUV and Minivan consumers.13 Model X can satisfy families’ needs for more space and more seats. In February 2012, Tesla revealed an early prototype of the Model X.13 This Model X prototype can help the company to test the target customers’ reaction. Tesla Model X provides the innovators and early adopters an impressive feature – the “falcon doors” equipped with sensors.17 With sensors, the door will adjust when opened in order to avoid hitting other objects. With this style of door people can easily step in, install baby seats and park their car. They design this kind of door not only for the fabulous appearance, but also for the functions. When this new design is showed in Model X prototype, it truly impresses new customers. In the beginning of 2013, Model X has been introduced to the public in the American Auto Show. The exhibition of Model X is a kind of market testing. Tesla can notice customers’ attitude about Model X. Tesla can figure out what the price is acceptable to its potential customers and what special requirements they need. In this Auto Show, salespeople introduce specific features and answer customers’ questions about the Model X. For example, some consumers do not want to buy a SUV because they think it is hard to

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